Sunday, October 18, 2009

CSFF Tour this week: Haunt of Jackals, by Eric Wilson

My review:

This novel, second in the Jerusalem’s Undead series, continues the story of Gina Lazarescu, a special lady who is more than what she seems. She must hide from the Collectors—immortal spirits who inhabit the bodies of the dead in order to wreak havoc on humanity—partially by finding and killing the Nistarim, the Concealed Ones, who carry the world’s cares on their shoulders and aid Those Who Resist.

Cal Nichols, one of the original Nistarim and Gina’s father, works to keep not only Gina safe, but also Dov Amit, a young boy on the side of good. One of the orphans in Gina’s care, Pavel, shows signs of being a Concealed One. They must both escape to America in order to stay under the Collectors’ radar. Throughout the book, Gina and Cal fight Collectors and banish the blood-drinkers forever to torment.

Wilson is in his element in his treatment of themes, fleshing out ideas such as: God uses ordinary people, love covers a multitude of sins, evil may be unseen and yet deadly, things happen for a reason, and there is strength in numbers (two are better than one). True to form, Wilson brings many historical elements into play, such as the Dracula legend, Nazi programs, and Russian czars.

From Italy to Romania to Israel to Germany to China to the Pacific Northwest, the scope of this tale just keeps growing. The Collectors are everywhere, but so are Those Who Resist, and the Nazarene blood will prevail.

Usually, the first book in a series is the best--sometimes the second story in a trilogy loses something and wanders a bit without satisfying resolution. Not so with Haunt of Jackals. Everything is in full swing here and the action doesn’t let up. We are let in on more secrets, such as finding out who the mysterious journaler is and more about Cal’s past. All told I found Haunt to be even better than Field of Blood, and I didn’t know how that would be possible. I eagerly anticipate the release of Valley of Bones next year.

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  1. I really like your review! Great job.
    I liked HAUNT OF JACKALS better than FIELD OF BLOOD too. I think they should have been tightened into one book.
    I liked when you said, "the Nazarene blood will prevail." :0)

  2. Great blog! I enjoyed reading your personal take on this book.

  3. I'm glad you feel the Nazarene blood will prevail, too. The bad guys are pretty tough, though.

  4. KM's thought that they should have been tightened into one book echoes what I read on Keanan Brand's blog earlier. I tend to agree.

    Thanks for your review! I also enjoyed the scope of the story. Geography and different cultural settings add a lot to a book :).