Monday, December 19, 2005

On the Run

59563: On the Run, Ivy Malone Mystery Series #3On the Run, Ivy Malone Mystery Series #3

By Lorena McCourtney / Baker

She may be just an LOL (Little Old Lady), but Ivy Malone’s mutant curiosity gene can plunge her into a mess of trouble. The gray-headed widow from Missouri continues to hit the road in her motor home, running from criminals who are out to get her. During her travels, she comes across a tattered lady in Oklahoma who needs help. When Ivy and young Abilene team up and go job hunting, they find more than they bargained for.

The emu-farming/survivalist Northcutts won’t be giving the duo jobs. They’re dead. And Ivy must find out why, even though the evidence points to suicide. Could the Northcutts have secret enemies such as Ute, a previous employee? Or did Frank, their son, have a bone to pick with them? And what is Abilene’s story? Can she successfully flee from her own demons?

Join Ivy in her zaniest mystery yet and get a glimpse of the joys of paintball, the delicate intricacies of emu sitting, and best of all – a reminder of God’s loving plan for each of us.

Lorena McCourtney has outdone herself with this little gem. What a hoot! I often forget that Ivy Malone is a fictional character. She is one LOL I would love to meet. Her perspective on life is quite refreshing, even if she does suffer from chronic inquisitiveness.

You’ll want to check out the first two books in this series, Invisible and In Plain Sight.