Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Update on New York

I'm baaaack. Wanted to rave about Hugh Panaro - the Phantom. Fantabulous! (yes, I just made up that word).
The special effects were awe-inspiring, and MOST of the singing was grand (Sandra Joseph was flat half the time, but the lady who played Carlotta blew me away).

My favorite scene was the roof scene. So romantic. I also adored how the candelabras came up out of the floor and the boat drove itself in the catacombs scene.

I had only 3 days to ride the subway and walk practically everywhere, and it was so worth it. We are planning to return in a few years. Words can't really describe the trip. I took 145 pics of NY and will post just a few for everyone to enjoy.

I recommend highly a trip to NY - just make sure you do planning in advance.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Start spreadin' the news...

...I'm leavin' today. Actually, I'm not leaving until August 18th, my anniversary. But I AM going to New York City, baby. To see Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre. Am I a teensy bit excited?


Being a singer, I have always wanted to see a Broadway show in New York, and thanks to my loving husband of 15 years, my dream is coming true next week. I've heard that the guy playing the phantom in this show is out of this world, and I'm going to fall out of my chair or something when he starts singing. So yeah.

'Til then, I'm listening to the songs and watching the movie again to get myself in the mood. Anyone out there who's been to NY is welcome to leave me a comment to share some tips with me. I'm going to cram as much sightseeing into three days as I humanly can.

So, friends, I'll report back after listening to the "music of the night" and let you know how fantastical it was.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Infuze Magazine

Have YOU heard of It's a potpourri of entertainment news, reviews, and other morsels from Robin Parrish. This is a quality e-zine with readership that transcends boundaries of faith and has achieved a high standard of excellence.

I'm thrilled and humbled that one of my book reviews has been accepted and will probably be published in the next issue. Hopefully, the staff will allow me to continue to talk about what I love - fiction!

What am I reading right now?


The Trouble with Tulip, by Mindy Starns Clark - Chick lit? Yes. My genre? No. But I'm branching out, and this is a mystery/suspense. So I'm good. I've heard good things about this author and look forward to picking this one apart - in a good way.

Death Watch, by Jack Cavenaugh and Jerry Kuiper - The last thing I read by Cavenaugh was a historical series set in Nazi Germany. This will be totally different - contemporary suspense. People receive death notices and then are murdered. Interesting. Stay tuned. I've only just begun to read.
June '05

Self-Incrimination, by Randy Singer - This whole book is written in present tense, which really throws me off for about half the book. But I guess it's okay - he does it well. He also does the female protagonist's thoughts and feelings justice; they are very realistic. I still think I need to read another novel of his before deciding if he's one of my favorites.

Double Vision, by Randall Ingermanson - a witty genius, it's true. This physicist can truly turn out a novel with harrowing plot twists and still be realistic and funny, too. Good read.

Brandilyn Collins - Dead of Night, a novel of suspense
So far, it is very well written. She is creative with her words and phrases - wish I could be that creative. However, it isn't as exciting or nail-biting as the first two in the Hidden Faces Series. But the end remains to be seen. Maybe she'll knock my socks off yet.

Monday, August 01, 2005


No, I'm not talking about MY house.
I'm talking about the soon-to-be-released (well, sorta soon - next year) grab ya fiction from co-authors Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti! Woo hoo! That should get the blood pumping for you thriller fanatics out there. It's just too bad we have to wait so long.

So until then...happy reading, and may your creative juices flow freely from your gray matter to your fingertips.