Monday, October 22, 2012

CSFF Blog Tour: The Spirit Well, by Stephen R. Lawhead, Day 1

I'm so glad to be back on the CSFF Blog Tour! I've been a bit busy with other things for the last several months and had to step out for a while, but I'm back!

I love Stephen Lawhead and love his series. This is one of the most imaginative (if not confusing!) series I've ever read, and it's a joy to read and review these books.

Here are links to my reviews of the previous two books in the series, The Skin Map and The Bone House.

Buy the book on Amazon HERE.

Visit Lawhead's website HERE.

Check him out on Facebook HERE.

My review comes tomorrow, so for now all I have in parting are the links to all my fellow participants' blogs. Happy reading!

Jim Armstrong
Julie Bihn
Red Bissell
Jennifer Bogart
Thomas Clayton Booher
Thomas Fletcher Booher
Beckie Burnham
Brenda Castro
Jeff Chapman
Theresa Dunlap
Emmalyn Edwards
April Erwin
Victor Gentile
Jeremy Harder
Bruce Hennigan
Timothy Hicks
Janeen Ippolito
Becca Johnson
Jason Joyner
Carol Keen
Emileigh Latham
Rebekah Loper
Shannon McDermott
Meagan @ Blooming with Books
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Anna Mittower
Joan Nienhuis
Lyn Perry
Nathan Reimer
Chawna Schroeder
Rachel Starr Thomson
Robert Treskillard
Steve Trower
Dona Watson
Shane Werlinger
Phyllis Wheeler

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