Friday, September 07, 2012

I'm back!

Surprise! Today marks the day I reactivate this blog. I'm still reviewing for three external sites--Title Trakk, The Suspense Zone, and now Fiction Addict. However, I missed being a part of the CSFF Blog Tour (thanks for reinstating me, Becky!) and also posting things more of worth than I do on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, I've grown to really hate it in some ways, so maybe I'll take a hiatus from that and concentrate my thoughts here. To celebrate, I'll post a review soon. Unfortunately, I can't post anything I've done recently, because my last two reviews were for Fiction Addict, and I can't re-post them per their rules. But you can go HERE and HERE to see them. WARNING: These are NOT biblical worldview fiction, but my next one will be. Pretty sure Opening Moves by Steven James will be the one. So happy reading!

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