Friday, January 20, 2012

An Announcement, etc.

You know how life is...we have seasons where a certain thing is very important, when the time it demands from us is acceptable, enjoyable. But then activities are added and others have to be subtracted. I'm thinking it's time to let the blog go.

I will no longer be participating in the CSFF Blog tour (it's the only one I do anymore) because I'm too erratic with it and I don't think I'm helping the tour or the authors. I won't be reviewing books here anymore because I do that with Suspense Zone and Title Trakk. The only thing I will probably miss posting are my yearly updates on My One Word...which I am still thinking about this year but haven't decided on yet. I think that will be my last post for this blog.

I hate deleting things that have been online...I don't like thinking that people can't reference my reviews or other thoughts if they want to (even me, in case I can't find the file on my computer), so I'm leaving the blog up, at least for now. But it will be inactive, so don't expect to see any more posts, except one before the end of the month for MOW.

I'm going to try to commit to journaling more, for personal use, and then use FB for any important notes that I want friends to see. If anyone reads this and can think of a good reason to maintain my blog, please let me know. Since I'm not writing anymore, I don't see a web presence, at least with this venue, being too important. I do love the blog tours (I used to be a member of three), but with home schooling, church, bible study, and other things, I can't swing them anymore. I'm glad to at least still be reviewing occasionally for the aforementioned wonderful sites.

So yeah. Thanks for following and for reading, those of you who did.

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  1. Your reasoning seems sound to me. :) I'm glad you'll be keeping it online for the archives.

    And I'm still looking forward to hearing this year's word!