Saturday, June 19, 2010

Coming Soon...

Yes, I've gotten a little distracted by super-couponing, but in this economy, you can't blame me. It has become somewhat of an obsession, and although I'm still reading and reviewing, I haven't taken the time to post enough reviews of the good stuff I've been reading.

You can still find my reviews at Title Trakk and The Christian Suspense Zone as well.

But here's some new info...

At the beginning of August, I'll be posting a review of the long-awaited Steven James novel, The Bishop, which I know will rock our collective socks off.

If I can recover from company and kids going to camp, I'll finally post, hopefully next week, my review of Eric Wilson's Valley of Bones, which was a more than fitting ending to his incredible series.

So, my apologies for dropping the ball, as it were. My love for fiction still resounds throughout the internet and I intend to get back to promoting it with more fervor and more frequent posts.

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  1. Karri, I'm a super-couponer, too. I don't publish about it on my site because I don't know if my readership would have much interest. My favorite sites are Money Saving Mom and Coupon Mom. I keep a baseball card style binder. I haven't been to CVS in weeks now, but reading this reminds me what great deals I always get there. :)