Thursday, September 03, 2009

GREEN, by Ted Dekker - my review

What started out as an epic trilogy now becomes the Circle Series with Green: Book Zero. Electrifying readers everywhere, Dekker now brings us full circle with a novel that ties up all the loose ends from Black, Red, and White, and draws from Showdown, Sinner, and the Lost Books of History also. Talk about all-encompassing. It still amazes me that over all these years, Ted has kept this massive story cohesive, absorbing, and meaningful.

So much happens in Green, it would be impossible for me to give a rundown of it, especially without using spoilers. But since I’m used to doing reviews without spoilers (over 200 in the last 4 years) I’m going to stick with what works for me.

Thomas Hunter’s world is not Paradise. His son Samuel is questioning every belief the Circle holds dear, and threatening to destroy them all by waging war with the Horde. After years of non-violence some are indeed ready to take up the sword and follow Samuel into battle to finally rid themselves of evil once and for all.

On our earth, 36 years after the Raison Strain, Billy Rediger (most recently seen in Sinner) is back with an agenda of his own--find the one remaining vial of Thomas Hunter’s blood--but for what nefarious purpose? Can Kara stop him before he,too, falls off the deep end?

Everyone’s reality is turned up on its end in this apocalyptic conclusion. Time travel abounds as does the violence and treachery in both worlds. Good or evil: which will triumph? Will Thomas and his beloved Circle survive? What will become of the Horde and the Eramites? Of Samuel?

Nothing can prepare you for the final moments. Go in with your eyes and heart open to the love of Elyon and encounter the experience of a lifetime. I know I will forever be changed because of Ted and this series in particular. No one I know of in Christian fiction has created such an apt depiction of our history and the workings of our God in such fashion. We can only hope and pray that Ted’s mind is brimming with more genius and he continues to share it with us.

For more in depth discussion, visit join the Circle Series group. Dive deep.


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