Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baker/Revell Blog Tour for THE KNIGHT, by Steven James

Comment on this post by Friday midnight for your chance to win a FREE copy of THE KNIGHT. And make sure you leave some kind of contact info in case you're the winner--I'll e-mail or PM you to let you know if that's the case. Book will be mailed Monday, August 31st.


Just when I thought James’ thrillers couldn’t get any better, he shatters my erroneous notions. Third in the Bowers Files series, The Knight holds nothing back. The most diabolical killer yet is on the loose, committing some of the strangest murders Denver has ever seen.

Patrick Bowers, an environmental criminologist for the FBI and expert in geospacial investigation is called in when a woman is found dead inside an abandoned mine holding a human heart that’s not her own. Along with fellow agent Cheyenne Warren, Bowers follows the dead bodies and clues until he is close to losing his own life.

While the investigation continues in Denver, Bowers must also travel to Chicago to testify in the trial of a criminal he arrested on one of his previous cases. What happens there will determine the course of both of their lives.

James maintains a fine balance between masterful storytelling and character development. The plot will entertain and hold the reader’s absolute attention with its elements of surprise. Fans of James’ earlier novels will enjoy Tessa’s maturation, as well as her growing relationship with Patrick. Romance brews, marriages are strained, parental secrets are revealed, and additional minor characters add to the complexity of existing character relationships.

I honestly don’t know how James is going to one-up himself next time in The Bishop. Every chapter is exquisite, every word necessary. When it comes to other suspense authors, I’ll admit to skimming through paragraphs sometimes to “get to the good parts,” but not so with James. I actually catch myself re-reading sometimes just to savor the words a second time. It’s surprising that I haven’t read the whole thing again, though I’m planning to soon.

I’ve been torn in regards to whether or not I should add spoilers to my review. Hopefully, people will see the warning and stay away if they haven’t yet read the book. But sometimes accidents happen and I certainly don’t want to ruin the story for anyone. So I’m going to stay away from commenting on the culprit, who for now will have to remain “Giovanni,” and my thoughts on his revelation.

Just one parting thought--I now wish I would have paid more attention in World Literature class. :)

Available August 2009 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


  1. Well I wouldn't mind winning a book! Would I need to read the first 2 books first?

  2. Not at all, but I recommend it because 1) they are so good and 2) because you get the full experience of the character's growth and relationships throughout the series. You also know some of the history behind Pat's job and the guys he has put away before--it's beneficial to fully understanding the implications of what goes on in this book.

  3. This sounds like a fascinating series. I've not had a chance to read this author yet. Please sign me up for a free book.

    My contact e-mail is marjorie.vawter at

  4. WooT!

    I have Rook on hold at the library to pick up today. Pawn was stellar.

    You know how to find me. :)