Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day Two: Randy Singer and The Justice Game, My Review

Now for my review of The Justice Game. I really enjoyed it and while I was glad of the outcome, it didn't happen the way I expected.

In 1988, a teenager opened fire with an assault weapon in the Christian school where Randy Singer’s children attended and his wife taught. Though none of Singer’s family was hurt, the shooter killed a teacher, Karen Farley, and injured others before his gun jammed and he was captured. Randy ended up representing the Farley family against the gun store. This was Randy’s introduction into the gun debate and his inspiration for The Justice Game.

An angry man who thinks he has been wronged by a news anchor’s exposé charges into a television station and murders the anchor with weapon he obtained illegally. Now the family is suing the gun manufacturer, saying they are liable for the woman’s death.

Enter the lawyers--Kelly Starling for the defendant and Jason Noble for the plaintiff. Both are bright and successful, but with pasts that can be exploited to turn the trial in different directions than either had anticipated. The stakes keep being raised and the tension mounts to life-threatening proportions before the end. Who will win the case? Can anyone emerge unscathed?

Not only is this an exceptionally written legal thriller, but the author constructed a means for the reader to interact with the story and even determine the outcome of the trial before the book was completed. At this link ( http://randysinger.net/justice-game-video ) you can see a video of the lawyer’s closing arguments and vote on the desired outcome. Months ago, Singer tallied the votes and used the majority’s verdict as the jury’s decision in the book’s case.

The subplots work to make the story even more complex and enjoyable. Particularly interesting to me was the detailed description of shadow juries and how they are used in trials. I had no idea people really did this. I highly recommend The Justice Game to suspense and legal thriller lovers, and especially to those who haven’t yet discovered Singer’s unique, gripping writing.


  1. So the story is completely fictional but based on his real-life experience?

    Sounds good!

  2. Karri, thanks for being part of the blog tour. And thanks so much for the nice comments about the book. Sounds like you were in the majority camp on the vote for the verdict but I'm glad I could still have a few surprises for you.