Friday, May 01, 2009

Books on my Want List

As a book reviewer, getting free books is a perk I enjoy. However, sometimes I don't get the books I really want for free. Here's a list of some killer fiction that I'm either going to go buy tomorrow (thanks to a Barnes & Noble gift card that's not used up yet--yes!) or pre-order.

Fossil Hunter, by John B.Olson (archaeology is always cool)

Haunt of Jackals, by Eric Wilson (vampires, oh my!)

The Knight, by Steven James (oh yeah, who can resist serial murders?)

The Justice Game, by Randy Singer (law and order, baby)


  1. Debbie3:47 PM


    I saw that you're interested in Randy Singer's The Justice Game (July). I'm putting together a blog tour for his book and would like to know if you'd be interested in participating (and you get an ARC :)).

    Please contact me through my Web site and I'll e-mail you with the details.



  2. Donna Hausler8:55 AM

    Please email me at for information about The Knight.
    Donna Hausler