Monday, February 19, 2007

CSFF Blog Tour Presents: Where the Map Ends--The Home of Speculative Fiction

As a lover of speculative fiction, I discovered Jeff Gerke's website when it first came online last year. There is no more comprehensive site of this kind than his. Not only does Jeff list scads of titles in every speculative genre you can think of (fantasy, supernatural, sci-fi, etc.), but he gives some great tools for us writer wannabes.

And if you're feeling really crazy, check out his world-builder, where you can create your own alien nation.

I'm thrilled that he lists many other places where you can see spec-fic in action, including a group I'm a member of: The Lost Genre Guild.

So stop by and stay awhile:
Where the Map Ends

Then go check out the great other sites of my blogging friends, some of which have interviews with Jeff.

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  1. Hey Karri! His site does have scads of tools for writers--and not just the loony kind like us. :)

  2. Your have nothing to diss you site about. Yours is lowkey and discreetly designed, mine is RED and LOUD. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and your name is on the list.


  3. Nice introduction here, Karri. And way to slide the LGG in there. : )

    God bless,

    Daniel I Weaver

  4. Daniel is spot-on, Karri (I must be following him on the tour--my comments are right after his in the last four or five places I've been LOL). Very nice intro--your mention of having visited WhereTheMapEnds early on adds weight to your comments.

    BTW, please add Wayne Thomas Batson to your list of participants. Thanks.


  5. You've got the wrong url, there, Becky. LOL. Thanks for your e-mail correcting it. For the rest of you, please disregard the link in that last post. :)

  6. Thanks for the great support for, Karri! I appreciate it. I'm gratified that you and others have found the site to be helpful.

    I'd like to formally invite you and your readers to the site on March 1 when I roll out the collaborative fiction project. I hope you'll come.

    Thanks again!


  7. I loved all the different resources on this site. I had a ball with the random story generator. It's a nice portal site I found.

  8. "I'm thrilled that he lists many other places where you can see spec-fic in action" ...agreed! And we need more of it! Thanks for your great post!


  9. This collaborative fiction thing sounds interesting. It will be fun to read and contribute to!

  10. Good post Karri! :-)