Friday, April 28, 2006

If Only

Today I heard a woman speaker on the radio talking about the "if onlys" in life. Perhaps you are one of those who finds herself bemoaning the fact that a certain circumstance has happened that shouldn't have, or you have something you wish you didn't have. Are you guilty of saying things like: "If only my child wasn't _______ (fill in the blank)..." or "If only _______ hadn't happened when I was young" or "If only I could have _______ , then I'd be happy."

We are fooling ourselves, dear sisters (and brothers, too!), if we believe these lies. God is the Sovereign and loving Lord of all. He means to use everything for His glory and purpose.

How does this relate to writing? I've caught myself in the past thinking falsities such as: "If only I could finish this story or novel" or "if only I could get published". My friends, this kind of thinking will not get us anywhere but into a deep pit of despair. Instead, I give all I have and don't have to God to use in order to make me what He wants. The results are left to Him.

What a freeing possibility!

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