Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Web of Lies

Woohoo! Here it is, suspense lovers. The long-awaited fourth book in the Hidden Faces series. Never having met before, Chelsea Adams and Annie Kingston finally get together to solve not one, but two mysteries that plague them.

Chelsea has a disturbing vision of hostages within an eerie room full of spiders. Annie accidentally stumbles across a murder at a convenience store. Can these events be related? And if so, how? The two nationally acclaimed ladies get together, using their expertise to catch a killer and save innocent victims.

“Nothing left to do for me but pray.” Annie’s thoughts echo in my mind, reminding me that God often allows things in our lives to coerce our dependence on Him. Obedience to God’s guidance and reliance on Him in prayer is sometimes our only recourse. This theme reigns supreme throughout the book.

Never has Brandilyn Collins disappointed me with a novel, and this one is no exception. The buildup of suspense in the second half of the book and the twists and turns near the end thrilled me. I love to shiver and bite my nails while reading. My only wish is that the beginning of the book plunged me into a free fall as the rest of it did. But that’s just me – no fault of the author. I realize I’m not normal. Most readers need to breathe.

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