Thursday, January 12, 2006


How do I write a review of a book whose author I rave about on a constant basis? How is anyone to believe this novel is spectacular when I say it about everything he writes? You’ll just have to take my word for it. Or the plethora of other reviewers who know a hit when they read one.

Talk about right up my alley. No 7-10 split here. This baby is a strike. Period. Good and evil take their places in a battle for the small town of Paradise, Colorado. It's just a normal town, or so it seems on the surface. But when self-proclaimed “preacher” Marsuvees Black appears in his trenchcoat and boots, life will never be the same for these unsuspecting townspeople.

The monastery on the mountain overlooking Paradise, where a group of orphans participate in an experiment examining the effects of faith on natural laws, holds its own secrets. Will they find the power of love or something else?

Revealing any more plot content may ruin the story, and I dare not stand guilty of that. If I could accurately compare this to any other work, I would. But I can’t. All I can say is that Dekker never fails to weave an extremely redemptive tale while stupefying the reader with his shocking picture of humanity. This novel provokes thought, entertains, and enlightens all at the same time. I’ll wager you’ll agree.


  1. Hey Karri. I'm reading Showdown as we speak. Well, not literally, at this moment, anyway, it's his best writing to date! It's kind of King meets Koontz, meets the bible.

    I'll be reviewing it soon. If I can catch a few minutes each day to get her done. You've got great taste in authors!

  2. Hi Karri!
    Welcome to ACFW! I'm reading this book right now and am a huge Dekker fan also. Love his books. Happy writing and reading!

  3. Hi Karri!
    All that you said about Ted Dekker and "Showdown" is not only accurate, but due to the nature of things (we don't want to reveal the plot now do we?) much less than what could be said. It's a story about faith and love in action, done in a way that you'll find simply amazing.

    Dekker, in most of his writings, is like the "Twilight Zone" of Christian writing. It starts out with everything normal, maybe a question or two. Then all of a sudden things take a strange twist and you find yourself looking for the overstuffed chair with Rod Serling explaining how things can happen when you step just a little beyond the boundaries commonly refered to as "normal".