Monday, March 19, 2007

CSFF Blog Tour is proud to feature: Randall Ingermanson's Double Vision

Those of us who write speculative fiction have a lot to thank Randy Ingermanson for. He has helped our cause in the CBA, letting publishers know that sci-fi, fantasy, and other speculative genres can do well in the Christian market. This blog tour is living proof!

So without further ado, I will heap copious adulation towards a man who not only writes great novels, but who has created "The Snowflake Method" for writing novels, "Fiction 101" for newbie writers, and my favorite, "The Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine." See what I'm raving about

My review:

For those of us who are acquainted with Randall Ingermanson, it will come as no surprise that this novel is not only intelligent and engrossing, but darn funny. During the course of my reading, l learned, laughed, cried, stressed out, pondered, and in the end, said to myself: “How in the world does he think this stuff up?”

Dillon Richard, the brilliant darling of CypherQuanta, suffers from a type of autism called Asperger’s syndrome. So when he experiences conflicting emotions in regards to two very different ladies, he becomes confused. Keryn Wills, budding novelist and part-time CFO for CypherQuanta, is concerned not only about her manuscript’s deadline, but also about the new young Caltech Ph.D. her boss has brought in for a special project. Enter flirty Rachel Myers, who has the beauty to go with her brains. Rachel turns heads with as much success as she talks quantum mechanics.

Rachel’s potentially lucrative quantum computer brainchild spawns a life-threatening race as she, Dillon, and Keryn speed against time and seek refuge from those who wish to pilfer their technology. But who can they trust? The government? Their own boss?

Even a normal brain can wrap itself around this subject matter, which is a positive for the average reader. Humorous quirks and clever dialogue bring a unique reality to the characters. Harrowing dilemmas propel the reader forward on a ride as wild as any roller coaster. However, unlike a roller coaster ride, there is no down side to this book.

As far as genre, although technically contemporary suspense adding in romance, it still jives with sci-fi because of the scientific what-ifs in the plot. In my opinion, the perfect blend. I highly recommend it--it's one of my favorite novels ever.

The book link: Double Vision

By the way, Randy, if you don't put out another novel soon, I'm going to wring the necks of those lovely publishers! I've been waiting forever! :)

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  1. Karri, what a great review! I'm so glad you were able to get it up today. Randy deserves a good tour and you've helped get it off with a bang.


  2. Great review! Made me anxious to get my hands on the book. :)

  3. Good post Karri!

  4. Hi KC:

    Thanks for your review of Double Vision! I appreciated that. Double Vision was one of the most fun books I've ever written. I wrote it right after the darkest book I've ever written, and it really helped lighten my mood.

    I do have two novels circulating right now among the various publishers. As a lot of people know, I put off publishing a book in 2005 so I could give full attention to my anxiety disorder or panic disorder or whatever the heck it was that was keeping me from enjoying public speaking. That was a hard decision to make but I think it was the right decision, because my anxiety/panic/whatever is in check. 2006 was unfortunately consumed with pulling up stakes and moving across the country with my family so we could be nearer my wife's parents.

    In 2007, I hope to sell 1 or 2 (or possibly 3 or 4) books and get back into the game. So I hope to make you happy again soon. Thank, KC for being my loyal fan. Your emails over the years have been quite an encouragement.