Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mini-review of great book

A while ago I posted with the CFBA about Terri Blackstock's Double Minds. At the time, I had not read the book. But I picked it up at B&N the other day, and I'm so glad I did. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

My favorite aspect of it was the insight into the Christian music industry. As someone very interested in music in general--and more specifically, faith-filled songs--a look at the good, bad, and ugly of being a recording artist in this business was enlightening. Blackstock focuses on our minds and how they waver between faith in God and what we know he wants us to do, and doubt, compromise, and people-pleasing. The story had just the right pace and proved to be very believable. And, the author forewent the "someone gets saved/everything is peachy keen now" ending for a more reasonable, real world resolution.

I recommend this for music and suspense lovers. The second time I read this it will not be for enjoyment, but to learn about the crafting of a good suspense.

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