Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prepare Him Room

As the lyrics to a favorite Christmas hymn say, “Let every heart prepare him room.”

Our pastor has been talking about the arrival of Christ. And what our response to that should be. I think sometimes we as believers and followers of Jesus push this idea aside. We think that we have already let him into our hearts and lives and so it does not apply to us. This is the wrong perspective.

How many of us, if Jesus physically walked into our homes, would be uncomfortable, shuffling things we are ashamed of into closets or cupboards, straightening our clothes and wondering how long he was going to stay so we could get back to normal?

We can’t pretend the clutter is not there. We can’t shove things behind the sofas of our hearts and expect Jesus not to see them. Every nook and cranny is his to search and to transform. Are we allowing him access to the very depths of us?

How are we allowing Christ room in our lives? Not just now in the holiday season, but every day? His will is for us to be conformed to his image, to do good works, to go and make disciples, to be holy. The list goes on.

What one thing can you give Jesus more access to in your walk with him? Something that perhaps you have not brought to him in prayer because you didn’t want to deal with it. Some area that causes unrest or guilt but that brings too much pleasure to lay entirely at his feet. Some sacrificial gift with which he will be pleased.

Think about it. Make more room for him in your life. He deserves it.

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