Friday, September 08, 2006

Violet Dawn, by Brandilyn Collins

Welcome to Kanner Lake, Idaho. Small town feel, beautiful scenery, friendly neighbors. A safe destination where no harm can come to you. At least that’s what Paige Williams thinks, until she finds a dead body floating in her hot tub.

Terrified beyond belief, she must decide what to do next. But will her actions save or betray her? What is Paige’s secret, and will she be able to keep it while surviving the collateral damage?

Collins lives up to her reputation for her artistry in characterization. The Java Joint’s Bailey Truitt not only owns the place, she cares about the folks who walk in. She’ll pour you a cup of joe and pray for you, too. Leslie Brymes needs a scoop to further her career, but how far will she go will she attain it? Officer Vince Edwards carries burdens few could understand, but is committed to doing his job.

I’m convinced that these people actually exist. Collins has fashioned her story world in such an engaging way that it grasps readers and makes them a part of it. The only downside to this is that taking so much time with the characters steals from the suspense. It slows the story down a bit too much.

All in all though, this novel is a good read. The next installment, Coral Moon, releases next year. I’m definitely going to have to keep up with this cast.

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