Thursday, March 23, 2006

Director's Cut, by Alton Gansky

Maddy Glenn does the mayor’s office proud. She is about to run for congress as well. However, she frequently finds herself in the midst of murder investigations.

When her cousin and budding Hollywood actress, Catherine Anderson, visits while starring at a local theater, trouble finds them both. As Catherine shows Maddy her extravagant new home, they discover something amiss. A dead body is floating in the swimming pool−the body of Catherine’s chauffeur. Is Catherine a suspect?

Then, to make matters worse, a new version of a movie script is delivered to Catherine with extra pages added in that chill her to the bone. They mirror a private conversation that no one should’ve heard and insinuate that there will be another murder.

Maddy’s protective instincts come to the forefront as she tries to find out who is terrorizing young Catherine, while dealing with another serious city problem. Will Maddy be able to solve both dilemmas before time runs out?

This third book in The Madison Glenn series is as delightful and intriguing as the first two. There’s nothing like a murder mystery to keep me turning pages. Maddy is a wonderfully flawed character who is finding her way in her spiritual walk, learning to share her faith, and sort through her own issues. I’m a little biased, since Gansky is one of my favorite authors, but I highly recommend this novel for it’s themes and entertainment value.

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  1. Alton rocks. Thanks for this review!