Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What am I reading right now?


The Trouble with Tulip, by Mindy Starns Clark - Chick lit? Yes. My genre? No. But I'm branching out, and this is a mystery/suspense. So I'm good. I've heard good things about this author and look forward to picking this one apart - in a good way.

Death Watch, by Jack Cavenaugh and Jerry Kuiper - The last thing I read by Cavenaugh was a historical series set in Nazi Germany. This will be totally different - contemporary suspense. People receive death notices and then are murdered. Interesting. Stay tuned. I've only just begun to read.
June '05

Self-Incrimination, by Randy Singer - This whole book is written in present tense, which really throws me off for about half the book. But I guess it's okay - he does it well. He also does the female protagonist's thoughts and feelings justice; they are very realistic. I still think I need to read another novel of his before deciding if he's one of my favorites.

Double Vision, by Randall Ingermanson - a witty genius, it's true. This physicist can truly turn out a novel with harrowing plot twists and still be realistic and funny, too. Good read.

Brandilyn Collins - Dead of Night, a novel of suspense
So far, it is very well written. She is creative with her words and phrases - wish I could be that creative. However, it isn't as exciting or nail-biting as the first two in the Hidden Faces Series. But the end remains to be seen. Maybe she'll knock my socks off yet.


  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I love you, babe! You're awesome and I am so proud of you.

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  3. The Trouble With Tulip and Death Watch were terrific books. Karri, keep up the good work. Reading is important for any writer and you are on the right track. Best, Terry The Writing Life